WiM im Kooperation mit dem Ost-Klub präsentiert:


Eine der bekanntesten Bands aus Belgien, die famosen Krema Kawa spielen zum Auftakt ihrer Europatour im Wiener ost klub auf! Irrwitziges Balkan-Afro-Reggae-Ska-Tanzgetümmel ist garantiert!


Always bringing the sun ... It is given to few, but for Krema Kawa it is a breeze. As former El Creme Glace Ques they already kindly delivered you sunnier moods. Meanwhile the band arrived at a new chapter. Last winter they took Manu Chao - bassist and producer Gambeat by the hand. This meeting created a fresh sound and a new name. Everybody knows what Krema means, and Kawa? Well, that sounds like waka (Swahili for ' get up off your chair’), reminiscents of the lubricated passage of a Kawasaki, but is simply the Arabic word for coffee. And you also know that Arabica yields the best cup of happiness. Krema Kawa works like a defibrillator: Even half-dead people revive. This energetic treat with uptempo percussion and summerish horns definitelly makes the crowd go wild. Add some keys, afro-guitar and a groovy bass and Krema Kawa is in the house. Balkan, Afro, Reggea, Ska… is blend like the strongest coffee. ENERGIA!



AK 8 EUR / ermäßigt für Studenten und WiM-Mitglieder 5 EUR